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The Top 15 Biggest and Most Supported Football Teams in the World

Who is the Biggest Football Team in the World?

UPDATED – 15/10/2020

This question has been asked many, many times before. It has caused arguments from family dinner tables and pubs to radio shows and fan shows. Yet no one has quite been able to find an acceptable unit of measurement. In this article, we at WFF, who specialise in all this wonderful used a number of factors and sources ranging from social following and shirt sales to revenue numbers and the clubs’ financial value. You may find yourself disagreeing with the findings, but one thing is for sure, football is a world religion and we are going to analyse the clubs popularity, wealth, and power. Who do you think is the worlds biggest football team? Let’s find out below. You can see the richest football teams in the world here or have you seen the biggest stadiums in the world.

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The most sustainable companies in the world

Since 2005, Canadian research firm Corporate Knights has taken on the task of compiling the Global 100: an index of the most sustainable companies in the world. To qualify, the organization must be publicly listed and generate gross revenue in excess of $1 billion. The ranking is based on key sustainability metrics such as gender and racial diversity, clean revenue and carbon footprint.

In 2020, Danish multinational power company Ørsted A/S took the top spot, with Chr. Hansen Holding A/S coming in second, and Neste Corporation in third. Who was awarded the hotly contended number one place in 2021? Read on to find out.

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sustainable planet

The most sustainable brands in the world

The world could be devoid of rainforests by 2100; it may run out of food by 2050. The exploitation of our planet has led to a host more environmental issues, from global warming and climate change to ozone depletion and pollution.

To remedy the situation, it’s more important than ever to find greener ways of living. Individuals and sustainable companies both play a role, as does education. As part of that, customers are more socially conscious, and businesses are embedding a commitment to the environment into their identity.

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Biggest Football Stadiums

The 25 largest football stadiums in the world

The Biggest Stadiums in the World

The biggest football stadium in the world is an exciting topic for any fan! Stadiums all over the world have at one point or another been the biggest only to be eclipsed in recent years by bigger and more expensive stadiums. We are sure that the top stadium will be a surprise to many. But we want to be clear, the biggest stadium in the world criteria is simple. The stadium must hold football (or soccer for those of you who dare to call it that) games. It does not have to be its primary purpose but it must hold these games.

You will see in the list of the biggest football stadiums in the world, that many are in fact built for the beautiful game while some are for a range of sports. Ok the rules are clear. Enjoy the list and try and guess the top 5 before you get there. We guarantee you will be surprised. Enjoy.

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100 Things to Do in the UK on a Budget

There are so many unrivalled attractions in the UK, and there’s bound to be some unexplored gems right on your doorstep. Charming villages, opulent architecture, cultural festivals, historic sites dating back to Roman times, grandiose cathedrals, scenic lakes, caverns, gardens and seaside attractions all provide fun days out, and many of them are free.

If you’re looking for inspiration here are our……

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