10 Festival Memes You Need To Share With Your Festival Squad

10 Festival Memes You Need To Share With Your Festival Squad

Festival season is here again and we all know there are going to be some friends out there trying to be ‘sensible’ with their money this year around – they simply need a little push over the edge.

The answer, relentlessly send them as many festival memes as humanly possible. Not only will it provide you with a ton of fun, but also annoy the hell out of them until they cave and buy their tickets. What’s the worst that could happen? I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good meme?!

We’ve put together a little list of some of our favourites for you to start your bombardment campaign with, so good luck and happy guilt-tripping!

1) Walking in, everything neatly packed for the weekend ahead…..leaving 3 days later happy to be alive.

2) That one friend with the look that’ll make you spend every penny you have on festival tickets.

3) If you ever lose a friend at a festival, it’s best to come to terms with the fact you won’t see them again until you get back to your tent… if ever.

4) We don’t condone drugs or excessive drinking….this is just to ensure you make your friends aware of the importance of listening to security and well thought-out safety regulations.

5) That time of year for the prettiest festival on the planet… Brits will be 3 inches deep in mud and shame at Glastonbury thanks.

6) Just to drive the point home.

7) We all have that liability in the group, best to make sure they have some kind of flag or leash to prevent them getting lost and you having to explain to their parents why they didn’t make it home.

8) Not washing for an entire weekend, drinking a tonne, and dancing until you’re more sweet than human, this is the best result you could hope for.

9) End of night bangers are absolute gems, especially when hitting that sweet point of the night where the party should never stop.

10) All we can say with tents, crawl into the closest one and hope the person is forgiving. You’ll need those 8 hours.

What are you waiting for? Start bombarding your festival squad. 

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