10 Things You Need To Know When Travelling To Wembley

10 Things about Wembley Stadium

Due to the historic nature of Wembley Stadium in the sporting world, we wanted to arm you with some must-know facts before stepping foot on the hallowed ground.

We’ll start off with the most crucial and riveting features that Wembley offers.

1) It has some of the strongest grass in the world. Yes, you read that correctly, the stadium’s pitch uses a combination of both synthetic and real grass to provide a stronger playing surface.

2) It has more toilets than any other building on the entire planet. Yes, we Brits really know how to brag, and one of our claims to fame is you don’t have to walk as far as other places if you have to pee.

3) The Banquet Hall is so large you could store a jumbo jet inside. That’s right more room for food, we know how important it is to keep hanger subsided that’s why it has also 98 kitchens.

4) We guess another key point in Wembley’s history is that it’s only where England actually managed to win the Fifa World Cup! Yes….it was in 1966, but that’s irrelevant as we still managed to win it. The stadium itself has also seen 80 FA Cup Finals, 6 European Cup Finals, and the Euro 1996 Championship Finals.

5) It’s not only sports that have benefitted from the Great Wembley stadium, we’ve also seen some of the biggest musical acts in history grace its grounds such as Michael Jackson, Queen, and even the Rolling Stones.

6) It’s the 5th largest stadium in the world, seating over 90,000 people and having space, once the pitch is protected, for 25,000 fans on the ground for any concerts being held.

7) You have the Arch itself which is record-breaking as it’s the worlds longest single span roof structure. The arch is also so tall that it requires warning beacons to warn off low flying planes.

8) This stadium was also built for the fans as every single seat has an unobstructed view of the pitch. This helps everyone enjoy the events that are held here.

9) The 2 screens placed at either end of the pitch are each the equivalent of 600 averagely sized household TV’s. Forget real sports, we need to get in there for a couple of games of FIFA.

10) All of this didn’t come cheap, it cost over £800 million to create this behemoth of a stadium. We imagine half of that went to the toilets and kitchens.

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