How To Choose Your Second Football Team

How would you choose a second football team?

None of us would dare turn our backs on our beloved team, there is sanctity in the sport, a sense of belonging….and the chance to have a few at the weekend with our mates.

We always want our team to succeed and win as many trophies as possible each and every season without fail, for this reason alone, we can’t support a team in the same league, that’s just blasphemy. Personally, my team isn’t my hometown team ‘Spurs Forever’ so I’ve naturally swayed to them as my secondary team…..Colchester United (We’re winning in spirit!). You see you don’t have to pick the biggest football team in the world.

Choosing your local side is always good practice, easy travel to games, most of your friends are likely to be supporters, and more often than not they don’t compete with the primary team that you want to win it all. This is also great because you don’t really care if they win or lose, for us a secondary team is all about the fun you can have watching the game and spending time with your mates whether at the grounds or the local beer garden.

Now, for all the fans out there whose local teams are their first choice, choose someone from a higher league, preferably the Premier League, you’ll be able to watch televised games and plan big days out for special occasions. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose local team is performing exceptionally well and in the Premier League, you have 2 options; you can choose a lesser side, that can be fun and entertaining or go international.

Foreign teams are a great second choice as you still get to watch top quality football and still have a chance at cup success. Big teams are also often televised more and their players often make it into their countries 1st team for international games letting you secretly support them on the side. The only problem with choosing quality foreign league teams is the dilemma of the Champions League. Naturally, you’ll want your primary team to dominate the tournament but if they face-off with your secondary team you’ll be disappointed whatever the result as one of your teams is guaranteed to get knocked out.

A little extra benefit of knowing more about foreign league team, you’ll be able to destroy your friends in fantasy league football and prep for Super 6’s Champions League round. Plus it gives you something extra to argue over during a game of Fifa.