Top 5 things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has some of the most distinctive and attractive architecture in the world. So, if you’re on a vacation in this beautiful city, a tour of the parks, the churches, and the museums is a must. Here’s a list of the top things you must do on your trip to Barcelona:

#1 La Sagrada Família

If time only permits one sightseeing outing, head out for this one. La Sagrada Família inspires admiration with its pure verticality and the way it emulates the medieval cathedrals. The cathedrals are still under construction and expected to be completed by 2026, a century after the death of the architect. Even though unfinished, it sees a footfall of approximately 2.8 million tourists per year and is one of the most visited monuments of Spain. This definitely makes it the #1 on this list.

#2 Parc Güell (Güell Park)

This park modelled by Antoni Gaudi is as whimsical as it can get. It is spread across 42 acres and features some interestingly unique props. While you’d usually see benches in parks, the Güell Park greets visitors with one long, wavy stone bench decorated with colourful mosaics. The many picturesque pathways also seem to attract the attention of visitors. The Sala Hipóstila located right at the entrance is a must-see with its stately stone columns and stunning mosaic pieces.

#3 Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is situated in the north of Barcelona. It is popular for the diverse landscape of its beaches and coves, the beauty of its waters along with its delicious food and cultural legacy from centuries ago. Travelling to the Costa Brava from Barcelona takes approximately two hours. 

#4 Las Ramblas

One of the city’s major tourist hubs, Las Ramblas is a busy street. When you’re roaming around in Barcelona, you’re definitely going to end up here eventually. It is right in the middle and remains busy all throughout the day. During the daytime, you’ll get some street performances to watch, some local art sellers, souvenir stands, and plenty of alfresco cafes to enjoy a light snack in. At night, you can start out here to explore the many clubs and bars of the city.

#5 Lasarte

Lasarte is the first restaurant in Barcelona to have received three Michelin stars. It is supervised by acclaimed chef Martín Berasategui. From squid tartare with kaffir consommé to Duroc pig’ trotters, the cuisine is extremely sophisticated. The service is exceptional, guaranteed to make your dining experience memorable. The waiting staff is sure to put all diners at ease, serving in an ultra-fashionable dining room.

While this list only talks about the top 5 things to do in Barcelona, there’s plenty of museums, nightclubs, restaurants, streets, and more for you to explore. Depending on the amount of time you have, you can prioritize your sightseeing excursion to include one sight from each of these categories.